Friday, July 2, 2010

RIO Concludes

Doug Wildey's first RIO storyline finally reaches its climax in the final issue of Eclipse Monthly. This story was reprinted by Comico under the title RIO in 1987. RIO would return in a one-shot from Marvel in 1990 entitled RIO Rides Again and once more in a two-issue sries from Dark Horse, RIO At Bay in 1992.

And now, the dramatic conclusion of "Robber's Roost" from Eclipse Monthly #10.


  1. Really enjoyed seeing these Doug Wildey comics at your site! As a fan of these books, I was thrilled to have found and purchased an original Doug Wildey Rio page for my comic art collection last year! Best,


  2. Royd: You have a very nice collection. I'm quite jealous of your Doug Wildey pieces. That Young Blueberry piece is really sharp, too.



  3. Hey Aaron, thanks for dropping by my CAF gallery and checking out the artwork on display :) Colin's Blueberry work is a joy to see and the "sketch" was greatly appreciated!

    I always considered myself a "spandex" collector but I have very fond memories of Doug Wildey's Rio and war books, Joe Kubert's war books and a few other non-spandex classics which struck a chord with me as a much younger reader.

    I was privileged to have Joe Kubert recently visit my home and view my art collection and his comments on some of the artwork were very interesting to listen to. He recalled Doug's work with much fondness and obviously held Doug in high regard. Best,