Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My First Encounter With Rawhide Kid

When I was a kid, I bought my comics at the corner drugstore. There, on the spinner rack, was a mixed assortment of DC's, Marvels, Charltons, Archies and Harveys. I would go in, pick up the latest issue of GIJoe, Indiana Jones, Alpha Flight....

I was, in 1985 pretty sold on Marvel and on Super Heroes. But, one day I walked in and saw this. The Rawhide Kid #1 (In a four issue limited series). I ponied up the $0.75.

I had never heard of The Rawhide Kid before that day. I never forgot him afterwards.

My friend, Dave, didn't get it. "So, he's just a kid who's good with a gun?...He doesn't have any powers?" Dave was an X-men man.

I tried to explain that he didn't fight supervillains or anything, that it was set in the Old West.

Dave grudgingly admitted that might be kinda cool. Then he went back to his issue of New Mutants.

From 1985, here's Rawhide Kid #1 By Bill Mantlo, Herb Trimpe and John Severin.


  1. I know, I know: it seems that I'm just a demanding blog reader. But if my memory (and GCD's credits) is right, the last page is missing ...

  2. WTF?? I swear, I'm jinxed this week!

  3. Anonymous: I guess, if nothing else, it's nice to know someone is reading this. :P

  4. Severin rocks! That opening page hooks you right in... wonderful detail!

    Personally, while I kinda missed Kirby's wonderfully gangly, diminutive-but-scrappy rendering, I always liked this version of RK a lot... very expressive. It must surely have made a pretty good introductory impression on your nubile young mind at that.

    Also... interestingly, I have always only owned 3 out of four of this series. I remember I got them from a pile of unwrapped comics at a weird little thriftstore in the late nineties.

    So... as soon as I determined I am missing #2... I come back and see it's already posted!

    You are the MAN, brother!

  5. Albie: Glad I could finally give you the chance to read #2. I swear, I've found this series several times in bargain boxes. If I find an extra #2 I'll mail it to you.