Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Stuff Reviewed: Jonah Hex #57- "Tall Tales"

This month's issue of Jonah Hex is a real treat for me. The story is all told from the perspective of Nathan and Thomas, a pair of dime-novel fanboys who learn that there's a real-life bounty-killer passin' through their town- Jonah Hex!

But wait, it's not just Jonah Hex. This issue treats us to something I've been hopin' for fer ages. I believe my exact words last month were:

"Now I don't know about y'all, but for years I've daydreamed of how great it would be if either DC or Marvel finally got it into their heads to do a full-out "Magnificent Seven"-style story featuring their stable of Western heroes."

And fer those of y'all who aren't sure who these folks are, I'll let young Nathan give ya the roll call-

Of course, the rest of Dc's stable of Western heroes have formed a posse with the same aim as Jonah- to capture a wanted fugitive named Bloody Jack. But drunk and ornery as always, Jonah ain't about to stand by and watch someone else steal his bounty ...

This issue was worth the $2.99 (tarnation! can they really cost that much?). There's even a Jonah Hex / Scalphunter faceoff!

A couple of gripes :

1. What? No El Diablo or Johnny Thunder?

2. Should the Trigger Twins really count as two guys? Isn't their whole schtick pretending to be one guy who's in two places at once? It's kinda like how Marvel decided Red Wolf's wolf, Lobo could count as number seven in their "Sensational Seven".


  1. And no Pow Wow Smiith either??

    I must have missed Cinnamon... had to toally look that one up.

  2. Albie: Nope, not even Matt Savage-Trail Boss! Cinnamon debuted as a back-up to Scalphunter in Weird Western Tales. I've had a request for some of her comics. Maybe next week I'll post her debut.