Monday, July 5, 2010

Big Sky(wald) Country! Wild Western Action #1

Skywald Publications was to Warren Publications as Marvel was to DC. Founded by Sol Brodsky and Isreal Wadlman, Skywald specialized in low-budget, black and white horror comics magazines. They also branched out into four-color comics.

"The short-lived color comic-book line, edited by Brodsky, comprised the Western titles Blazing Six-Guns, The Bravados, Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid, and Wild Western Action; the romance title Tender Love Stories; the horror series The Heap; and Jungle Adventures. These each were combinations of new material and reprints. Contributors, in addition to some of those noted above, include Dick Ayers, Mike Friedrich, Jack Katz, John Severin, and John Tartaglione. Notably, The Sundance Kid #1-2 (June-July 1971) contained Jack Kirby Western reprints from Bullseye #2-3 (Oct. & Dec. 1954).

None of the comics lasted more than three issues."

Who knows what might have come of this dead-before-it-started series? From Wild Western Action #1, March 1971. Here's the debut of "The Bravados" by Len Wein with art by Syd Shores and Mike Esposito.


  1. Wow, THE BRAVADOS are a new one on me, but they are pretty stinkin' cool at that.

    Plus I am a sucker for all "spunky cowgirl" characters so I was taken by "Hellion" right away! [and as a bonus hearkening back to my boyhood, she looks kinda like Karen Valentine to me. Yowza! LOL]

    Oh, and of course my boy Gideon is always entertained when he sees his name in a story, so this one gets a passing grade from us!

  2. Albie: It was a new one on me, too. Very "Magnificent Seven" or "The Professionals"... or maybe kinda like Big Jim and his Wolf Pack...

    I guess I completely missed out on Room 222.

    I'm glad Gideon enjoyed seeing his name in print. Staying in hotel rooms must be a blast for him ;-)