Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1985 Rawhide Kid- Part 2

Ain't got much to say. H'yar's Part Two: "The Not-So-Wild West". Enjoy!


  1. It's pretty freaky to be reading this (and the previous posting) just before my 52nd birthday! I was nearly 27 when this mini-series first appeared and I bought it mainly to show Marvel that there WERE some readers who would support western comics. (I did the same thing years later for Marvel's Blaze of Glory mini-series and the Marvel Western one-shots.) Anyway, back when I was in my 20s there was a sadness in this portrayal of the Rawhide Kid's "old age"; now there's a depressing quality about it! :-) (I guess I should take consolation from the fact that thanks to good dental care, I've never had to worry about dentures popping out of my mouth because someone slapped me on the back!) Another interesting Marvel western from this time was Daredevil #215, which featured a pretty neat crossover with the Two-Gun Kid. It was a lot better than the Justice League issues that featured crossovers between the Justice League and DC's western heroes (even though I thoroughly enjoyed those as well). Thanks for the post. And yes, someone IS reading your blog.

  2. Anonymous: Yeah, I too read this in a different light. I'll have to track down that Daredevil.

    Thanks for stopping by!