Saturday, July 31, 2010

If Pappy Was Good Enough For Maverick...


So far as I know, I seem to have the only blog on the net currently devoted exclusively to comic books of the Western genre. (And if I'm wrong, tell me. I'd like to read and/or link any others that are out there!). However, other folks do post some very fine Westerns on their comics blogs, and I like to take a moment from time to time to point some of those out.

This time, I'd like to spotlight Pappy of "Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine" . If you don't know Pappy's blog, you need to stop reading this and go there. Pappy doesn't currently have a search engine for older posts, so I've listed a few of my favorite Westerns from his blog (url links listed below the covers):

As you can see, Pappy's blog is a treasure-trove of good Westerns! It's also chock full of Super heroes, horror, War, Good Girl, Sci-Fi and Kids comics!


  1. Hey, thanks for the plug. I didn't know I'd posted so many Westerns.

    Gotta hit the trail, pard...going through all of these scans is a lot of work, almost more than this ol' comic book cayuse can handle.

  2. Thanks for each link, Aaron... I had missed a couple of those.

    He also has the first Dell LONE RANGER drawn by Tom Gill....

    This is the URL for that one:

  3. OOPS... I posted that and then I remembered you were the one who linked me there in the first place! From here!! LOL

    Oh well, now all the URLs are in one place, i reckon...


  4. Pappy: Heck, pard, these'uns 're only from the last YEAR! Right now I'm workin' muh way thru your stash of ME Ghost Riders.

    Albie: Yep, I almost re-listed that'n, then I remembered I'd listed it when I posted that Lone Ranger!