Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rawhide Kid #3 - "Slave!"

When I first read this, I really dug the character of the bounty hunter. I felt he should have gotten his own series. Although I still feel he's interesting, as a grown man I have to question the white boots. Also, the cut-down Winchester always puzzles me. Sure, it looks cool as Hell, but if you cut it down, it can't hold any more rounds than a revolver, and won't be as accurate as a rifle... I mean, maybe if it was chambered for the big rounds, like a 30.6, but then it would hold even fewer bullets.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, Enjoy Rawhide Kid part three, "Slave!"


  1. The white boots do indeed seem like an unfortunate choice... maybe a hold-over from that 70s thing where all African-American supporting character had to have a certain "funkadelic-ness?" LOL

    I reckon the sawed-off Winchester just suggested "bounty hunter" to those of us raised on TV's Steve McQueen and his "Mare's Leg" contraption... but like you say, it still makes one wonder what possible advantage such an adjustment would render.

    I'll tell ya this... I grew up around all kinds of gun nuts [sounds like you might have, too... lol] and I actually remember overhearing whole conversations about TV western firearms! These guys would spot inaccuracies all the time... like the preponderance of '92 'chesters in shows and movies set MUCH earlier than that... or like how Josh Randall's piece couldn't have taken more than three rounds in its magazine, but he could still easily get off four or five rounds in rapid succession!

    These old guys knew their guns... something tells me they'd have had a field day with western comics! :D

  2. Albie: Probably the most baffling collection of historical faux pas would be the John Wayne movie "The Comancheros". The film is set before the Civil War, since Texas is still a republic. But there's the Duke, still walkin' around with his 1873+ Peacemaker. That and he's wearin' his standard "I'm John Wayne" outfit that, at best would be more appropriate sometime in the 1870's or 1880's, (or probably the 1960's).

    If you want an unlikely gun, go back and check out that piece that Caleb Hammer is packin' in his one featured appearance. It seems to be a double-barreled revolver. If you look closely (and I have) it seems like it has two barrels and two cylinders, but only one trigger and hammer. Seems like it would have to always fire two shots (assuming it would function at all) which I have to say is a bit wasteful.