Monday, August 16, 2010

A Promise To Clarissa- Texas Rangers In Action #72

At the request of an anonymous reader (Who was that masked commenter?) I'm presenting the cover story of Texas Rangers In Action #72 "A Promise To Clarissa".

The cover was done by Jim Aparo. The interior art for this story is uncredited and the GCD doesn't shed any light on it either. Was it Aparo? The young Ranger's ears and eyes look like some of Aparo's work, but the level of finish is far below that of the cover art.

I had previously assumed the story was drawn by Aparo... but now, I'm not so sure.

Well, y'all can judge fer yerselves:


  1. Thanks for posting this story, Aaron, even though now my face is red at the realization of how unreliable my memory has become.

    In 1984 Charlton reprinted this story (and cover) in Gunfighters #83 (Mar 1984). (The GCD entry for that issue credits the art to Bill Montes and Ernie Bachs.) That issue also reprinted a Billy the Kid story by John Severin and "The Coward" by Jim Aparo.

    I haven't looked at Gunfighters #83 in 15 years or so, and during that time my mind apparently fused Aparo's powerful cover with the Aparo-drawn "The Coward." When you posted the cover to Texas Rangers in Action #72, the Aparo story immediately popped into mind. Oops.

    Still, this story IS good, offering not only a strong contrast to the Morisi visuals in the other story you posted but also an interesting take on a theme that often shows up in western comics and films. Thanks for letting me read it.

  2. Anonymous: Don;t feel bad, pardner. As I said, I was also under the mistaken impression that this story was drawn by Jim Aparo.

    Thanks fer huntin' down the REAL artist and writer, though. Fer that, you get an official Double-A Ranch salute!

  3. Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr., is the go-to guy of comic artist identification. Send him a page and I'm sure he'll be glad to help. E-mail address on request.

  4. Cap'n Bob: Thanks, but the previous commenter already tracked it down. The GCD didn't credit it in this issue, but it did credit it in a reprint of this story in a later comic. I appreciate the help, though.