Friday, August 13, 2010

Outlaw Girl! - Cowboy Love #29

cover by Ted Galindo

Today, I'm handing over the reins to my lovely and talented wife, Amy (aka Spectergirl). If you've never visited her comics blogs such as As Told To Stan Lee , Spectergirl's Crypt of Post-Code Horror or Gay for Lois Lane , stop by and treat yourself.

Along with Westerns, Romance comics carried a huge share of the comics market in the years after WWII and before the Silver Age got rolling. And what better example could there be of both than Cowboy Love. Since romance comics are really Amy's forte, I asked her to stop by the ol' ranch and share a great Western Romance with us:

There is nothing that I like better than a good romance comic. Now, put a cowboy hat on the leading man and, well, I guess I'll eventually get over the fact that he isn't Zorro.

Anyway, Aaron, our manly host, has been kind enough to allow me an opportunity to present everyone the more tender and loving side of the Old West.

Before the Rawhide kid was the prettiest belle at the ball, there was Outlaw Girl, Amy Carter - A beautiful blonde with pouty lips and a price on her head. But, ask yourself this, is there any problem that love CAN'T solve?

Originally presented in Fawcett Publishing's Cowboy Love #2 in August of 1949 and later published under Charlton's Cowboy Love title in April of 1955, this story holds some very nice art and a fun story to boot.

It don't hurt none that your boyfriend packs a wallop either!


  1. Great! Thank you, Aaron, for letting Spectergirl guest post. The Double A Ranch offers the most fun comics blogs on the internet.

  2. You're married to Spectergirl?? Cool!

    COWBOY LOVE was great, too!

  3. Anonymous: Thank you for reading us!

    Booksteve: Yes it is cool, very cool!

  4. Anonymous: Thanks!

    Booksteve: Yeah, being married to me is pretty great!

  5. How many blogs can one family produce?!?

    No, I mean really!

    (Nice blog, and nice post, btw)

  6. "His touch sent a warm wave of courage through her trembling heart... "

    I now have a new goal in life. I wanna send one of them WARM WAVES through some female's trembling ticker!

    Just once.

    Please, Lord.


  7. rob!: You seem to do alright on that score all by yourself ;)

    Albie: LOL! It's good to have goals.