Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How the West Was Mad!- "Varmint!"

I don't want y'all to think this is some sorta John Severin blog or somethin', but that hombre jest keeps on turnin' up, no matter where I look in the history of Western comics.

Hyar's a little nugget o' gold from the pen of Harvey Kurtzman, with art by John Severin.


  1. Speaking of John Severin ... today the news comics blog "Comic Reading Library" ( posted an entire issue of Charlton's Billy the Kid comic, complete with three stories by John Severin. The man definitely knew his cowboys!

  2. Anonymous: Awesome! I'll have to check that.

  3. I think you should post Turok, The Son of the Stone and Andar, his young partner in your blog.I remember fondly reading the back pages of "Zorro" The Lone Ranger´s name in my country,but never learning who was the artist that crafted those great illustrations!
    I discovered recently that Rex Maxon,former Tarzan artist did illustrate the initial stories and the script was done by Gaylord Dubois,If i´m not mistaken...
    There was a huge demand for western comics in Brazil in the mid 60´s and I do believe there were some Turok´s spin offs.
    I´ll try to locate some and send to the blog

    Keep the nice work!

    So Long,

  4. Tibetantraveller: from the looks of my poll, I think a lot of my readers want to see some Turok posted here! It's nice to have you with us. So, The Lone Ranger is published as "Zorro" in Brazil? What do they call Zorro?

    I believe you are right about Gaylord Dubois. I'm not familiar with Rex Maxon's work, I'm more familiar with the Turok art of Alberto Giolitti.

    I would love to see some scans of Brazilian Turok's and any other Westerns you might have.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hallo again!

    I´m looking for some scans of Brazilian comics,specially Turok and Tomahawk.I´d like to post them to the readers of the blog but, I don´t know how.