Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Man Called Loco. Texas Rangers in Action #72

cover by Jim Aparo

In my neighborhood, if you go by Loco, you're probably a wannabe Mexican Gangsta. In Charlton comics, you're the dashing western hero from South of the Border.

Pete Morisi drew this little shoot-em-up. Morisi was an NYPD Police Officer who moonlighted as an artist for Charlton, among many others. He signed his work "PAM" to maintain his anonymity (although he didn't connect the lines in the "M", so it sort of looks like "PAIII". Morisi is probably best know today for his creation, Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt.

Here's The Man Called Loco in "Homecoming" from June, 1969.


  1. Thank you! "A Promise to Clarissa" in this same issue is one of my favorite stories illustrated by Jim Aparo.

  2. Great stuff, Aaron! I have always loved Morisi's dramatic style. Great post from a great title!

  3. Anonymous: Is that a request? I can make that happen...

    Mykal: Me too! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hey, if you're willing to do requests, then yes, PLEASE post the other stories (or at least the Aparo story) from this issue. Like the ads used to say, "Charlton Comics are good comics"!

  5. Anonymous: No problem! I'll put up "A Promise to Clarissa" next week.

  6. Hallo !

    I think Turok is a true classic! Off course you should post his adventures!