Monday, June 21, 2010

Weird Western Tales #26- The West Gets a Little more Wild-ey!

cover by Luis Dominguez

What with the new Jonah Hex movie having just premiered, and the number of request I got for vintage Hex issues, I thought I'd treat y'all to one of my favorites.

Although Tony DeZuniga is the artist most often associated with Jonah Hex's early appearances in Weird Western Tales, he only drew the first 13 issues of Jonah's run. After DeZuniga left, the art chores went to Noly Panaligin for two issues and then came this issue drawn by Doug Wildey.

Sadly, #26 was Wildey's only issue of WWT. Enjoy the show:


  1. I'd forgotten how good this story was till I reread it. Wildey and Hex make for a good combination. Thanks for posting it!

  2. 'Nuther "memory rush," as our friend Mykal would say...

    I bought this one when it came out. Reckon I woulda been 11 at the time.

    Liked it then... LOVE it now.

    I must add my vote, however, as one who is afraid to see the new HEX movie. I think all comic movies are just plain over-done nowdays and this looks like an extreme case. The old JONAHs read like wonderful, toned-down spaghetti western fables. This movie looks like the usual revved-up, mean-spirited, violent, catch-phrasey mess they always make.

    'Course you know I'm all talk... I'll prolly rent the DVD when it comes out... LOL


  3. Anonymous: You're Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

    Albie:The first time I read this, I was in college. I was unimpressed. I didn't know who Doug Wildey was (although I thought whoever did the character design on Jonny Quest was a freakin' genius!). I think the problem was my copy was old and faded and the printing process in the 70's was crappy and you couldn't see the half-tones clearly. Everything just looked muddy. When I got the Showcase black and white reprints, I saw the great art in this story for the first time.

    Thankfully, the scanner (and Picasa)has allowed me to "restore" the art back to something resembling what I assume was Wildey's intent.