Sunday, June 27, 2010

Red Dead Redemption- A Fistful of Awesome!

For Father's Day my sons got me (With more than a little help from my loving Wife) Red Dead Redemption (from Rockstar Games) for the Xbox 360. I cannot stress enough how kickass this game is!

Unlike its also kickass predecessor, Red Dead Revolver, Redemption has the option of roaming all over its Spaghetti Western landscape, looking for your own fun or trouble.

You can:

catch and break a wild horse
hunt game, big and small
play poker
cheat at poker
be attacked by wolves, coyotes and a cougar
get into one-on one gunfights
hunt for treasure
steal anything that isn't nailed down
hunt wanted criminals for bounty
stop a stage coach robbery

And that's just in Single Player mode. In multiplayer, you can form a posse and take on a whole town.

If you play video games and have a platform that supports this game, I highly recommend it.


  1. Aaron: Been playing it myself for a couple a weeks now. I'm no good at it, but I love it. I keep losing patience and just start blasting away at those smart alecks in the saloon in Amarillo, which of course leads to my quick and sudden demise. Plus, I can't get the hang of the gun duels and just end up shouting at the TV like an idiot.

  2. Mykal: Sounds like you play it a lot like I do.

  3. Now, whenever I am traipsing around on horseback across the landscape, if anyone approaches with "hey, mister, can you help . . " I just blast them with my short shotgun out of pure paranoia. I have been thrown off my horse and laughed at one too many times. My "honor" always goes into the red, but screw it.

  4. Wow. I am a graying and boring 40-something man from the country and I can honestly say I have never wanted an xbox at all... until I read this blog!! LOL

    Stop tempting me, Brother! Are you trying to draw me into this wicked 21st century?? Shame on thee!

  5. Mykal: Just keep at it. When someone steals your horse, just hold the D-pad down in the upper left corner. You'll whistle and your horse will throw them off and come to you. you get extra points for that move, I think.

    Albie: Wait, aren't you writing this from your blogger account on the internet? Look around you brother, I think thee hast already arrived.

  6. OK... Good point. LOL [And keep it down, will ya? The kids pressure me enough already!]

    But I put up a decent fight, OK? I mean, I didn't even have one of these glowing "one-eyed-monster" PCs in my house until the annum of 2008 A.D. [-- And even THAT took some arm-twisting from the family.]

    Truth be told, though?... You bring me to an interesting realization. I see now it's actually the INEVITABILITY of it that really scares me.

    Sigh... At least THIS game truly does sound wicked cool!

  7. Aaron: Of course! Whistle for the horse! Marshal, you've just saved a lot of innocent pilgrims.

    BTW: I am playing on a PS3.