Friday, June 11, 2010

Sheriff of Tombstone. Sort of.

Today's story comes from Charlton's Gunfighters #56, October 1979. I did a little research, wondering who had written and drawn this story, since it was completely uncredited. The GCD didn't have any information on this story, except that it featured Luke Spade (the "Sheriff of Tombstone") and was reprinted from Sheriff of Tombstone #16, July 1961.

original cover of Sheriff of Tombstone #16 by Dick Giordano

Even odder, I found out that the cover of Gunfighters # 56 was originally the cover for Sheriff of Tombstone # 1 from November 1958.

Also by Dick Giordano.

Sheriff of Tombstone ran 17 issues and the stories were heavily reprinted in Charlton's 1970's Westerns Gunfighters and Outlaws of the West .


  1. Dude! The faces-- and the horse on page one-- TOTALLY look like the western work of John Severin to me... didn't he do some Charlton work throughout his career?

    That's my guess anyway...

    Great post as usual!

  2. Albie: I see what you're saying. In the same issue of Gunfighters there's a Cheyenne Kidd story drawn by Severin (from Cheyenne Kid #21- March, 1960). I see the similarities, but the inks are so different I can't make a positive I.D.. I wonder if we're seeing Severin inked by Giordano in this story?

    BTW, you still have the option of pitching any requests you might have.

  3. My only request would something old and great from Dell... maybe a Max Brand SILVERTIP comic or one of the Luke Short adaptations? I love Dell westerns!

    Really though I love everything you've posted so far... keep it up!

  4. Albie: I'll see what I can do. There's another Dell coming Friday for sure as part of my Lone Ranger themed week, and I lucked into a Golden Age Dell "Casey Jones" in a $1 box the other day that has a story with western bandits.

    Next week I plan to bow to reader demands and post some more Jonah Hex.

  5. Wouldn't Tombstone have a town marshal or police chief ? And wouldn't the sherif's jurisdiction be Cochise County?